The writing event with Kathleen Hall Jamieson was very interesting and thought provoking, especially because this is the first election many of us are able to participate in and it is right around the corner. Overall, the biggest aspect that I found to be interesting was her discussion about the election in relation to our country’s new media oriented culture. Jamieson was not necessarily portraying all media as an evil in a way that many members of older generations tend to do. Instead, she was trying to emphasize our society’s need to work with, understand, and utilize this new media to benefit all members of our society and better grow and expand the way citizens engage in politics. I thought her point about the media taking away from political content was very interesting and important. Everyday we are constantly surrounded by information regarding the election. We constantly see and hear about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump because of the media. However, how often do we pause and think about the actual substance of this content. Is the content we are being given shaping more informed and engaged citizens, or is the media devoid of and lack substantial content? Unfortunately, Jamieson presented that it is more of the latter. When unimportant or more entertaining, although less informative, information is vastly spread, nobody is essentially gaining any true, valuable information.

Jamieson’s discussion greatly related to what we have covered and discussed in class. Almost every single class we have had, we have discussed, or connected something to, the current election. Jamieson’s discussion greatly related to and focused on rhetoric. Lately in class we have been discussing the question of what is more important, the delivery of a speech or the content of that speech. Jamieson’s discussion greatly focused on and emphasized the importance of the content of a speech, especially one that belongs to one of the country’s presidential candidates. The content of the speech is what provides the listener or audience member with the information they need to made the decision that they believe is the best for his or her country. However, with today’s media, finding that substantive content is getting harder to do.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed attending Jamieson’s presentation because it not only related to what we have been discussing in class but also related to topics I need to consider as a consumer of the media, a voter, and a citizen of the United States.