The article I discussed pertained to the idea of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) and how forms of it compare to letter writing.  I found the comparisons made to be interesting, yet a bit outdated considering the article was written in 2000.  At that point, e-mail was not cutting-edge, but it was still fairly new for most Americans.  It was important to take into account the year in which the piece was written, while giving my presentation.  In today’s context even e-mails can seem a bit outdated and formal to adolescents.  It was interesting to see the perspective that everyone had when it came to how they viewed letters versus e-mails.  The overall consensus was that the major difference between e-mails and letters is the tone in which each piece is generally written.  E-mails tend to be written in a hasty fashion, therefore they can sound more negative, while letters tend to be more thought out.  This is simply due to the time it takes to write a letter and the effort that must be put in to buying postage and mailing it.

After discussing the main portion of the article, I showed some present-day statistics that pertained to the number of text messages, e-mails, and letters sent in the present.  The numbers were informative and showed a steady decline in the number of letters sent per year and even that the number of e-mails sent per day in 2015 outnumbered the number of letters sent in the entirety of 2015.  This fact was astonishing to me at first; however, once I took time to think, I realized I should not have been surprised at all.  The internet has taken over the lives of almost all Americans in a matter of a decade.  Without the internet, businesses would not function and life would be completely different than it is today.  The invention of texting also significantly impacted the way in which people communicate.  It created a new form of communication that allowed for shorter, less in-depth messages that conveyed important information in a way that could be considered quicker than e-mail.  Almost ninety-percent of Americans text regularly, which shows that is imperative for business owners and others to keep up with the most updated form of CMC.  Communication is an ever-changing practice and the form in which humans communicate also dictates how they communicate.