My experience teaching the class was very eye-opening for a few different reasons. One, I had read my article so thoroughly in order to be able to successfully teach the lesson that I really read closely, took notes on the text, made mental notes of important lines, and paid a lot more attention than usual to the reading. Normally, I would find the readings too long or irrelevant in certain sense, but through this reading I figured out how profound the readings can actually be and how much I can learn from them. Not only this, but I experienced being a teacher for once. It gave me a new appreciation for students who participate in class because I know the feeling of helplessness when it seems like nobody is paying attention to what I am saying. I loved when the students would go off on little tangents of their own and begin discussing back and forth between each other because it made my job easier, and of course everybody can learn from listening to each other’s opinions. Throughout the experience of teaching this article I also learned how much of an expert a teacher must be on everything they teach in order for them to be able to respond to any commentary the students make. This gave me a sense of pressure because I was afraid people would ask questions to things I didn’t know the answer to and that would lower my grade for my performance, even though I had worked very hard to prepare for my lesson. One of the other feelings I had experienced prior to my teaching was fear that my lesson would be boring and nobody would want to listen to what I had to say. Given, an analysis on MLK’s letter to the clergymen from jail is not my first choice in what to study seeming I highly dislike history and blindly signed up to teach this lesson without understanding how long and sometimes boring the article would be, but I still wanted the respect of my peers in my hard work preparing for the teaching, as I try to respect them when they teach.

I think that the biggest things I took out of teaching this article was how much I can take away from each article if I really pay attention to it, how much it means to a teacher for a student to participate, how hard teachers work to prepare for lessons and they deserve the work in return from us students, and to respect the other students teaching their lessons because they worked hard to prepare their lesson as well as I did. Altogether, I wouldn’t want to do this too often but it was a nice little eye-opening experience.