I thoroughly enjoyed Kathleen Hall Jamieson’s presentation to the Loyola community on Friday, October 28th. She talked about the importance of presidential debates and specifically zoomed in on the debates of the current 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Jamieson used video clips from all three debates this election, showed tweets from both candidates, and used excerpts from various articles to grab the attention of the audience. I liked her use of tweets, articles and video clips to prove her points because it helped reach the attention more effectively of her young audience, mainly of millennials with some visitors and professors joining as well. She used these tactics to discuss how the vernaculars of this presidential debate are different from previous elections, for instance how the media’s propaganda of the candidates and the various lines they said during the debates are exploited as more important than the actual discussion of presidential platforms and how the candidates want to handle their supposed four years in office. Jamieson talked about how useful hearing the important controversial topics being discussed in former debates helped sway voters who were undecided; however, even though it’s important to discuss the controversial issues in the debates, they seldom changed people’s opinions on who they wanted to vote for unless they were completely undecided or on the fence between candidates. She also brought up how Trump got plenty of attention in the beginning of the race by making outrageous statements and saying things that got the attention of anybody who heard the news; then she went on to discuss how it hindered him in the long run of the race because many people do not a presidential candidate who is temperamental and speaks without thinking because that could get them or the country into trouble in the future. She also brought up how the media pays so much attention these days to the movements of the candidates because they make a lot of money off cherry-picking anything juicy that they can find, for instance how Donald Trump sniffed many times during one of the debates and certain reports started a rumor of it being caused by Cocaine use. Altogether,  Jamieson’s points were very interesting and I enjoyed greatly her successful attempt to catch the attention of the younger audience. I am glad I went to the event and definitely learned a few things I had not heard before attending.