Delivery is everything when it comes to a speech. You can write beautifully, but if you don’t deliver it successfully, your audience will leave with disdain and your point will reach no one.

Aristotle argued delivery was one thing that had to be natural; you had to be good from the on your own or there was no helping you. From discussing this idea with my peers, they brought up an idea which I found interesting as it was very relatable to my own experiences. We discussed how this isn’t necessarily true as there are circumstances that can lead people to overcome this barrier. We brought up how the power of passion can be so strong that it can influence people to to wish to speak well on a certain topic. This reminded me of my own experience of overcoming my fear of public speaking. I decided to lector at mass because it was something I’d always wanted to do. However, I had to beat my fear to speak in an environment which always intrigued me. It was because of my passion for this interest that I did something I didn’t have a natural ability for and overcame my fear. Thus, I agree with my peers that it doesn’t have to be natural; if you’re passionate about something, you have the power to speak well about it.

The other part of delivery we discussed which stood out to me was the usage of metaphors. Metaphors can be an excellent way for a speaker to connect with an audience in order to bridge the gap between the two. However, we talked about how while they can be very useful, they must be viewed with caution as they can be a slippery slope. Metaphors are only successful if the audience knows what you are talking about and if the material itself is relatable enough for them to understand what you mean. In class, we watched a video of a speech where the speaker tried to use ‘food for thought’ to describe how people are like eggs. It was a terrible metaphor which we all found hilariously amusing. Thus, this serves as an example of what can happen if you attempt to use such a bad metaphor. if you are going to use metaphors, you have to make sure it is a good one and that is actually understandable. If not, you could turn your entire audience against you; but if you do make good use of them, then you are golden.

Powerpoint: ep-2