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Loyola MD Honors Students on Rhetoric Today

Letter Writing in the Modern Day

Growing up, my best friend Tahl and I would send each other letters. We lived less than ten minutes away and we saw each other every day in class and very often on weekends, but still, we wrote to each... Continue Reading →


The Jamieson Performance

I thoroughly enjoyed Kathleen Hall Jamieson’s presentation to the Loyola community on Friday, October 28th. She talked about the importance of presidential debates and specifically zoomed in on the debates of the current 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and... Continue Reading →

The Takeaways from Memoli

The Q&A with LA Times journalist and Loyola College alumni, Michael Memoli, was an hour-long event where Mike spoke of his career in journalism, how he got there, what specifically he reports, and then allowed an open floor to the... Continue Reading →

Women, Commerce, and Rhetoric in Medieval England

Women in medieval England were more involved in commerce than they had been in earlier times. Therefore there is adequate evidence of their writing styles in regard to business writing. Many historians believe that there is no perceivable difference between... Continue Reading →

MLK’s Letter from Birmingham REFLECTION

  My experience teaching the class was very eye-opening for a few different reasons. One, I had read my article so thoroughly in order to be able to successfully teach the lesson that I really read closely, took notes on... Continue Reading →

Computer Mediated Communication

The article I discussed pertained to the idea of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) and how forms of it compare to letter writing.  I found the comparisons made to be interesting, yet a bit outdated considering the article was written in... Continue Reading →

An Overview of Jamieson’s Lecture

I recently witnessed Kathleen Hall Jamieson give a presentation on the structure of presidential debates and the impact they have on the candidates’ campaign as a whole.  Jamieson conveyed how this year’s candidates’ words at the debate influenced the general... Continue Reading →

Can I Join This Street Fight Too?

A few nights ago, I found myself pondering how democracy has been sugar-coated for so long—how the voices of the unheard have been overlooked and glazed over, how civil disobedience hasn’t been sugar-coated but the organizations that rose against it... Continue Reading →

The Credibility of A Source and Speaker: Analyzing Jamieson’s View of the Media

With the advancement of technology and the accessibility of information, we as consumers of media are arguably too quick to trust the information we find at our fingertips. Using Internet websites as an example, the human condition to trust can... Continue Reading →

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